Daniel J. Riccio


Daniel J. Riccio was born in the Bronx, New York, 1948, and grew up on Long Island.

Dan attended college for three consecutive degrees and served in the US army before becoming a full time artist at age 25.

He plied his trade in New York City, making both sculpture and fashion jewelry. In 1976 he moved to Connecticut to set up a "country studio"

There his skills in jewelry and sculpture began to merge. His sculptures became increasingly intricate and smaller in scale. Dan was making tiny objects, figures and animals drawing inspiration from his background in biology.

His work was enthusiastically received and before long his miniatures were collected across the country.

Mr. Riccio is also involved in the art process. He served as President of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts for four terms, and is now the Exhibition Coordinator. He teaches metalsmithing at CCSU and also lectures in the field.


1966 Walt Whitman High School.

1970 Central Connecticut State University, BS, Biology and Art.

1973 U.S. Army - Medical Technologist.

1974 CCSU, MS Art (Painting & Sculpture)

1975 Columbia University, MEd, Sculpture & Crafts.





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