the Firmament

This is a classic Mandala. The sky and the heavens are above. Unlike our personal quest for harmony, this is a place of perpetual balance. Day and night define each other in yielding opposition.

In the middle we are caught in the pull from each side; the masculine influence of the sun, and the feminine influence of the moon. Cosmic awareness above, and physical manifestation below.

Beyond the earthly rhythms are an infinite number of similar cycles happening in an infinite number of other worlds. We can not use our normal senses to embrace the vastness of the universe .
That is where intuition, the sixth sense comes in. Intuition allows us to have awareness of the otherwise imperceptible. This sense is represented in many cultures as the third eye.


The third eye, is represented here as awareness of the universe.





The Masculine pull of the Sun.


The Feminine pull of the Moon.