Miniature Nativity

In this Nativity are ten tiny figures made in the round and placed by hand in the caresh. The detailing is thorough. The walls, the roof, the ceiling, the backs of the animals and people are all complete, even where they cannot be seen. The figures are grouped and positioned using the same sensitive curves found in paintings of the 16th and 17th century. The use of geometry in art and architecture was refined by the Greeks with the development of the “Golden Mean”. This nativity builds upon that wisdom. The figures are arranged in curves pointing towards the Infant Jesus. The figures also form two circles which intersect at the baby. This is the symbol of infinity.The slope of the roof is also symbolic. It is straight in its assent from the left and curves gently down to the right ending in a level porch. This is symbolic of the upward spiritual growth of humankind, the coming of Christ at the apex, the gentle curve down to awareness and a final balanced state we hope to achieve.