Peace  Love  Truth


Origin of the Peace Symbol

British artist Gerald Holtom designed the symbol in 1958.
It was derived from the semaphore alphabet formed with arm positions and flags that was used by signalmen on ships to communicate silentlyover distance.

The downward V shape reflects the arms held downward
and out at an angle. It represents the letter N.
The vertical line is a flag strait up - the letter D.
Together in a circle ND became the symbol for Nuclear Disarmament.
It was easy to make and quickly became synonymous with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

In 1960 the symbol took hold in the United States as a universal symbol for peace activists.

The Metatron

  From Greek: Meta (to measure/beyond) and tron (throne). A Metatron is an angel who records Gods word. He has authority from beyond to set boundaries and valiantly defend truth. Also known as an Archangel.

  Today, we find ourselves in a troubled world. Wise teachings of moral behavior have become obscured with uncertainty and frustration, blame and division.
Dark forces conspire to take advantage of this.
  Compassion and kindness, honor and integrity are still there, but under attack.

  Balance can be restored. Light can penetrate darkness. Harmony is a unity of purpose. When we stand together for truth and enlightenment, darkness is exposed. In harmony we can summon the Archangel from within.
This is why I designed the Metatron. It is an amulet of intent. An instrument to focus and enhance enlightened karma.

   The Metatron is an Amulet, more than a Symbol. It is a physical object of intent. An affirmation of oneself, a potent instrument of purpose.
  I started with the outer rim of the Peace Symbol. This rim still frames the message, but, is now a mechanism as well. It has taken on the dynamic form of a Mobius strip. A singularity of two sides turned to form a common path. Balance and Harmony. A metaphor of “Self” as the duality of spirit and body. A channel for resolve to be gathered and enhanced, as a cyclotron spins energy to a higher level. The central column of the Metatron intersects this moving path. It is spun upon its axis, taught with energy from the outer shell. A helix, facing in all directions as the Cherubim of Merkabah. The cross members are open conduits to project the intensity of truth.

To champion compassion is a position of moral strength.
As the Archangel has celestial authority.
Virtue wields the thunderbolt.