Temple Dragons

The Temple Dragon is inspired by the rich culture and tradition of Buddhist philosophy. The art and architecture of this lineage is deliberate, understated, and profound.

The intent is to portray the essence, without distraction. Every line, shape and surface is painstakingly refined to be no more and no less than the intended meaning. All parts work together in harmony. Unity becomes agreement of purpose. Harmony is balance and with balance there is serenity.

The Temple Dragon is not a dragon. It is all dragons. It is the thought of Dragon. It is the Dragon within us, in an expression of perfection. Every aspect of this design is focused on its simple elegant position. It has found harmony, perfectly balanced, a complicated feat of agility appears effortless.



To the right, Temple Dragon in sterling silver.
2 1/2 inches tall.


Below left, rainbow patina.
Below right, bright red.