Skull Bell Crotal - pendent

Id #395 designed 2009


The Skull bell is a wearable crotal. A crotal is like a jingle bell. It has a loose ball that roles freely to make a tone.

This bell is inspired by representational Mayan bells and Asian Tiger bells. The skull has a perfect shape for making a bell. I was very careful about the wall thickness and division of space between front and rear. The result is that it has an exceptional sound. I put small variations in each one as I make them, which also results in a variety of tones.

The designs along include a hieroglyph symbol (my own). It is pointing outward (to another life?) And a clutch of serpents going the opposite way. Serpents can mean many things. Sometimes they are thought of as mythical guardian figures. In medicine they have healing powers. They also are associated with regeneration and rebirth - as they shed their skin and begin anew.