Oni Bell &

Oni Artist Edition


Oni Bell
Id #283 designed 2005

The rear side has a ShiShi dog guarding its “tama”.

The Oni Bell depicts two characters of Japanese folklore, the Oni, a demon and the ShiShi, a guardian dog.

Oni are supernatural beings which were once living people. They are often mischievous and can make life difficult. Oni are described as having bushy eyebrows, two horns and a large mouth with fangs. This also represents the face of a jealous woman, who if she dies of jealousy becomes an Oni.
Not all Oni are bad. Sometimes a dying priest can come back as an Oni to protect his temple.

The presence of Oni can be detected by the sounds they make. They whistle and sing like the sound of the Oni bell. On the opposite side of the bell is a ShiShi dog. They originate from China as the Foo dog. They are Lion like dogs who serve as guardians. They hold a round Buddhist jewel in their paws called a tama. When their mouth is open, they scare off demons like the Oni.


The Artist Edition
Id #284designed 2005

In the artist edition my portrait replaces the ShiShi.